Sewage Cleanup Service

Home in Fresh Need of Sewage Cleanup Service, With Waste Water on the Floor

Smelly Business Done the Right Way

One of the most frustrating challenges to face as a homeowner or building manager is waste water flooding. Not only does standing water threaten furniture, flooring, and other property elements, it also exposes you to potential health risks. If you want to avoid some unpleasant secondary damages, you’ll need to act quickly!

Our team at RenuKey Remodeling & Restoration offers prompt, affordable, and lasting results for your sewage cleanup service in Springfield, IL. We help countless homeowners and businesses get out of similar situations every year. Arrange your fast service today by calling us at 217-891-1798.

How Sewage Backflow Happens

Part of fixing the problem is understanding how the sewage water got there in the first place. Wastewater backflow typically occurs as a result of a major clog in your drain line. In cases of extreme flooding, overloaded storm drains may cause water to flow back into your home. Make sure your home is protected from further backflow!

Importance of Prompt Cleanup Service

Whatever the origin of the waste backflow, we’ll start by safely removing the water. Our prompt service times allow homeowners and businesses to avoid many of the most dangerous effects of wastewater contamination. It also simplifies the process of odor removal further down the line.

Waiting too long can make the restoration process much more difficult. Not only does it expose the affected rooms to further water damage and additional mold growth, it also poses a health risk. Thankfully, our team has the necessary equipment and experience to safely remove the water and eliminate these threats.

How to Prepare for Sewage Cleanup

Be sure to keep loved ones out of the affected area, especially small kids and pets. You don’t want them accidentally touching the water and tracking it through the house! If you can safely do so, be sure to turn off all electrical power to the affected room, or the whole house if necessary. Again, only do this if you can do so without risking a lethal shock!

If possible, try to remove any unaffected personal items from the flooded area. Turn off the air conditioning system to prevent contaminated moisture from spreading. You may also need to turn off water to the property. Make sure to call our team at 217-891-1798 and arrange your Springfield, IL sewage cleanup service as soon as possible.

We’ll make sure your home (or business) is taken care of!