Odor Removal

Heating and AC Unit Used in a Residential Home or Business Office

Easing Back Into a Fresh Environment

Some stubborn odors just don’t want to leave. This is certainly the case after a sudden fire or a sewage overflow. Living with these smells can be more than homeowners can bear. Then again, you shouldn’t have to live with them!

That’s why our team at RenuKey Remodeling & Restoration provides professional odor removal in Springfield, IL and surrounding communities. If you’ve been living with an unbearable smell in your home, call us today at 217-891-1798 to find your relief! We can’t wait to serve you.

Ventilation and Cleansing

To fully recover from an in-home disaster, the affected areas need to be both properly ventilated and cleaned. We used powerful fans to draw in fresh air while expelling the old. Our professionals work hard to clean up areas that have absorbed the odors you so eagerly want to get rid of. We have many professional tools at our disposal so that we can provide a tailored solution based on your home or business’ particular needs. After one of our experts assesses your affected space, they’ll talk with you about next steps for moving forward.

Odor Removal Preparation Process

One of the most crucial beginning steps in odor removal involves eliminating the source of the unpleasant smells. For many, this entails standing water removal or sewage cleanup service. After all, the smell will continue to circulate throughout the house until the moisture has been extracted. This is one reason why we encourage homeowners to immediately turn off their air conditioning in the event of sewage overflow!

Contaminated Item Removal

Another crucial step in our odor cleansing process is the removal of contaminated items from the affected rooms. If a restoration service doesn’t remove these materials and effectively dry out your salvaged possessions, it could lead to the growth of that moldy and mildew smell further down the line. That’s why we try to withdraw your possessions quickly during cleanup.

Schedule Your Odor Removal Service!

Does your home or business urgently need professional odor removal in Springfield, IL or a nearby city? Call our friendly team at 217-891-1798 and arrange your service today. Those irritating smells will soon be a thing of the past!