Burst Water Heater Cleanup

Examining a Hot Water Line During Burst Water Heater Cleanup

Emergency Spill Removal

Tank water heaters offer homeowners convenient hot water access and a reasonable lifetime. However, rust development and long-term degradation may eat away at the inside of your water heater, slowly wearing away the lining. Eventually, homeowners come home to a big surprise, especially those with larger tank sizes!

Whether your water problems are the result of a damaged tank or a busted pipe, you can always count on RenuKey Remodeling & Restoration for dependable restoration service. If your home has been affected by a plumbing disaster, contact your local plumber and our restoration team. Call 217-891-1798 to ask about our burst water heater cleanup in Springfield, IL.

Our Cleanup Process

While charging straight into action may seem like the fastest way to preserve your rooms, our team starts with a brief analysis first. This allows our experts to create a more effective restoration plan. We begin our process with water removal, then extracting any soaked furniture and carpet that can be properly dried out. The sooner we can get started, the more possessions we can save from permanent water damage.

Next, we get to work venting and drying out the area to prevent mold growth and mildew. This process takes time, meaning you may want to plan to stay elsewhere for the next night. Talk with one of our local experts at RenuKey Remodeling & Restoration to see whether or not your family should make arrangements to stay elsewhere for a couple days.

Preparing for Burst Water Heater Cleanup

Make sure to carefully turn off electrical power to the affected rooms. If you can’t do so safely, talk with an electrician about arranging a safe shutdown. Try to keep pets and children out of the area so that they don’t accidentally track water into other areas. You’ll also want to contact your insurance company and plumber if you haven’t done so already.

Call for Prompt Cleanup Service!

Remember, fast service can make all the difference, but that depends on how quickly you contact our team at RenuKey Remodeling & Restoration. Call us today at 217-891-1798 to arrange your burst water heater cleanup in Springfield, IL or nearby city. We’ll walk you through the cleanup process and get started quickly to secure the best results!