Broken Water Pipe Cleanup

Leaking Water Prior to Broken Water Pipe Repair

Fast Relief in a Stressful Situation

We’ve all been there before: the day begins and pleasantly proceeds like normal, then a pipe seemingly bursts at random. It’s enough to completely turn your day upside down. Depending on the location of the pipe, you could be faced with an immediate threat to flooring, wall space, and even insulation!

That’s why our team at RenuKey Remodeling & Restoration works so hard to provide fast and reliable water removal service to local homeowners and businesses. Each year, our restoration experts help countless people find lasting relief. We’d love to help you too! If you need broken water pipe cleanup in Springfield, IL or a nearby community, call us as soon as possible at 217-891-1798.

When You Find a Broken Pipe

Always start by shutting water off to the affected area. You may have to go to the meter on your main line and turn off the supply for the entire house. Once the water stops flowing, immediately call our team at RenuKey Remodeling & Restoration and ask about your next steps. Depending on the severity of the leak, you may also want to turn off all electrical power to the affected rooms.

Keep pets and children out of the water to avoid potential accidents or spreading it to other parts of the house. Finally, you may want to remove unaffected possessions away from the standing water.

Our Broken Water Pipe Cleanup Process

Once our restoration expert arrives on site, they’ll need to examine the scope of the damage. Keep in mind, ruptured pipes may affect flooring, furniture, drywall, insulation, electrical wiring, and other elements in the walls. Once we’ve determined a safe way to get started, we’ll begin removing water from the affected rooms.

Afterwards, our team will start the ventilation and drying process. We can pull out damp insulation from the damaged wall area to allow it to effectively dry. It’s crucial that we begin restoration as soon as possible to prevent mold growth and mildew. Even waiting a couple of days could result in significant spore development, extending the restoration process.

Ask for Your Professional Cleanup!

Eager to get started on your home or commercial restoration work? Why wait any longer? Call us right now at 217-891-1798 and ask for your broken water pipe cleanup in Springfield, IL.