Water Damage Restoration in Springfield, IL

Ruined Flooring Before Water Damage Restoration

Restoring Your Home & Business

Water damage is a frustrating and disheartening situation for anyone. On top of lost personal property, there’s also the potential for additional contamination problems within just a few days. At RenuKey Remodeling & Restoration however, we provide timely restoration service to preserve your property and safeguard it against these health and safety hazards.

Call our friendly staff at 217-891-1798 today, and tell us about your challenge. We offer Springfield, IL water damage restoration for both families and businesses, so anyone can come to us for help! Let’s get started on finding your relief.

Professional Water Removal

If your home has been affected by storm flooding, a busted plumbing pipe, a leaking water heater, or even an overflowing toilet, our professionals can make things right. With our water removal services, we’ll pump out any standing water (no matter the contamination level) and speed the cleanup process. Our restoration professionals have helped countless homeowners and businesses return the property to a clean, refreshed environment.

When it comes to restoration, time is of the essence. Your personal results may depend on how quickly service begins, so contact us right away at RenuKey Remodeling & Restoration. Just ask about our Springfield, IL water damage restoration.

Additional Services

We tailor our services to meet the needs of each home and place of business. That means our restoration experts thoroughly assess your property to create a custom plan that produces the best results for you. Below, you’ll find some of the most popular services we provide. For additional information, call our local experts at 217-891-1798.


Water Damage Cleanup

The cleanup process can be a disheartening, frustrating task to handle on your own. You shouldn’t have to! That’s why our team provides cleanup services for all kinds of water damage situations, including busted water heaters, pipe ruptures, flooding, sewage disasters, and more. We work hard to remove all contaminated elements in the affected rooms so that you won’t have to worry about bacteria, mold, or mildew growth in the future.

Of course, we’ll handle the waste disposal process too.

Odor Removal

Eliminating Odors

Even if the floors have been cleaned up and the room thoroughly dried out, there’s still the potential for odor development. We remove odor problems by thoroughly ventilating the property, then harnessing air scrubbers to capture scent particles in the environment. Our professionals also thoroughly sanitize the area to prevent bacteria growth, a common factor in foul odors.

Whatever sort of unpleasant scent is your family or team experiencing? Talk about it with one of our Springfield, IL water damage restoration experts at 217-891-1798.

Carpet Restoration

Carpet Restoration

One of the most common victims in water damage situations is the flooring, especially carpet. If a restoration service hastily rushes through cleanup and moisture removal, they may miss vital areas of the carpet. Our team doesn’t want you to have to deal with mold growth after you’ve already gone through the challenge of water damage!

With our carpet restoration service, you can expect timely service and thorough care for your flooring. Homeowners and businesses alike continue to come to us because we take the necessary time for deep cleaning. If you want lasting results for your carpet, consult with one of our experts about your situation.

For More Information

  • Water Removal Eliminating excess moisture is one of the most crucial steps in preventing mold and mildew growth inside your home.
  • Odor Removal Need help getting rid of sewage smell or residual smoke? Talk with one of our experts about odor removal!
  • Residential Water Damage Cleanup Sometimes waste disposal is one of the hardest parts of cleaning up a post-water damage mess. We’ll make it easy for you!
  • Commercial Water Damage Cleanup Is your business suffering from a sewer backflow or a plumbing accident? Let us help with the cleanup process!
  • Sewage Cleanup Service Professional cleanup is essential for sanitizing your home after a sewage backflow. Learn more about our cleanup services by calling today!
  • Standing Water Removal Getting rid of that standing water is the first step towards bring your house back to normal day to day life.
  • Burst Water Heater Cleanup Tank water heaters can create a disastrous spill in the event of a tank leak. Our skilled restoration experts can help in this emergency.
  • Broken Water Pipe Cleanup All it takes is one busted water pipe to ruin a day. All you need is one phone call to our restoration team to turn it all around.
  • Carpet Restoration Want to save your carpet from mold growth and mildew? Talk with an expert about professional moisture removal and cleaning.
Cleanup Process During Water Damage Restoration

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