Quartz and Granite Countertops

Family Happy After Shopping for Quartz and Granite Countertops

Enhancing Your Counter Space

Nothing pulls together a gorgeous kitchen or bathroom design like a classy countertop! Finding the color, texture, and material that’s just right for your home can be a challenge, but our team at RenuKey Remodeling & Restoration makes it simple with our quartz and granite countertops in Springfield, IL. These durable materials offer long-term protection for your dining room space and a style that ties all your kitchen and bathroom elements together.

To get an estimate on your countertop installation, talk with one of our friendly remodeling experts at 217-891-1798. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you haven’t teamed up with our company before, see what local homeowners have to say about us in the reviews!

Finding Your Perfect Countertop

There are many elements to consider as you discover the ideal countertop material for your kitchen. For one, you’ll want something that blends your flooring, backsplash, and cabinets together. As one of the key eye-level elements in room design, the countertop plays a key role in style cohesion.

Second, you’ll want a countertop material that complements your daily usage patterns in the kitchen. Quartz and granite countertops, especially after their coating, offer a very durable surface for cooking and eating. Many favor quartz for its notable improvements in stain resistance, though granite offers a better resilience against scratching. Both offer very capable durability, and often last for the lifetime of the house.

Variety in Design

One of the most alluring aspects of quartz and granite countertops is the sheer variety of colors and textures available. The residential market has so many shades available, especially for quartz, that finding the perfect color is relatively simple. Just make sure you have a skilled installer that can accurately cut the stone for your sink and other fixtures.

You’ll also want to consult with your interior designer about choosing a fitting backsplash.

Ask For Your Countertop Estimate!

Want to learn more about our quartz and granite countertops in Springfield, IL? Call our friendly staff at RenuKey Remodeling & Restoration and ask for your installation estimate! We’d be thrilled to find a style that perfectly matches your kitchen or bathroom. Simply contact us at 217-891-1798 to get started!