Fire Damage Rebuild Contractor

A Fire Damage Rebuild Contractor Examines the Top of a Burnt Roof

Overcoming Fire Trauma

Home disasters can bring life to a standstill. That’s especially true in the case of extensive fire damage. Smoke hazards and degradation may make part of the affected area unsalvageable. Thankfully, our reconstruction team at RenuKey Remodeling & Restoration is here to help you get through this challenge.

Talk with a local Springfield, IL fire damage rebuild contractor about assessing the trauma in your home. They’ll give you a detailed account of which parts can be reclaimed and which segments need replacement. To schedule your consultation, call 217-891-1798 today.

Preparing for Your Reconstruction

As always, any fire restoration plan should begin with a thorough assessment of the damaged area. A seasoned professional will be able to tell quickly which elements of the home represent a structural hazard. Ultimately, it’s more important that your family stays safe than to try to recover something too heavily damaged.

Of course, our team will gladly help remove your belongings from the damaged rooms. We offer quality restoration services to remove fire and smoke damage from your home. Our company even provides invaluable odor removal services to get rid of the smoky scent that’s so difficult to extract by yourself. If your home has been impacted by water damage as a result of firefighting efforts, you may also want to consult with our water removal team!

The Full Restoration Process

The restoration process can generally be summed up in seven steps.

  • Safety Checks and Assessments
  • Items Extracted for Disposal and Restoration
  • Soot and Debris Removal
  • Air Scrubbing
  • Extensive Fire Damage Cleaning
  • Water Damage Cleanup
  • Deep Cleaning and Odor Removal

Once the affected areas have been cleared out, our reconstruction experts can get to work replacing supporting beams and other crucial structural components. It may be some time before your home is safe to move back into, so talk with your fire damage rebuild contractor about creating a time frame for the project.

Schedule Your Assessment Today!

The restoration process should always begin with a professional assessment of your home’s integrity. By identifying potential safety hazards, our team can create a safer working environment and speed the process of restoration along. Arrange your assessment today by calling 217-891-1798 and talking with a local Springfield, IL fire damage rebuild contractor.