Fire Damage Restoration in Springfield, IL

A Bedroom Prior to Fire Damage Restoration

Trusted Post-Fire Cleaning Experts

Perhaps the most frightening situation any homeowner can find themselves in is a terrible fire. After all the burn and smoke damage, it may feel like your house can never be the home it once was. However, our seasoned experts at RenuKey Remodeling & Restoration offer affordable, reliable, and encouraging fire damage restoration in Springfield, IL.

We’ve helped countless homeowners and businesses find relief from their post-fire worries. You can depend on our experts to create a restoration plan tailored to your home’s specific needs! Find out more about our local services by calling us at 217-891-1798.

Fire Restoration Solutions

Fire restoration is a methodical process that requires both thorough planning and stringent safety measures. These projects involve physical and airborne elements that must be addressed to completely restore your home. A worthwhile fire restoration professional will incorporate both of these tasks into their cleaning service to provide more comprehensive and lasting results.

While you should never trust a restoration company that rushes through the planning phase, time is of the essence. That’s why homeowners should contact a local professional ahead of time so that work may begin as soon as the fire marshal clears the building for entry.

Smoke Removal

Removing Smoke Damage From Your Home

One of the most difficult tasks in fire restoration projects is pulling out the smoke residue from items surrounding the burnt room(s). While some homeowners may attempt to do this themselves, most store-bought products can’t handle the deep cleaning requirements. Not only does our team work diligently to extract soot discolorations and smoke from your affected rooms, we do it in a manner that protects the rest of your home from secondary damages.


Safeguarding Your Home

Structural degradation is an all too common problem in homes affected by severe fire trauma. Support beams and weight-bearing walls can get caught up in the incident, endangering other parts of the building and those who enter. It’s crucial for the restoration process that your professionals know how to address these structural hazards in timely manner.

When your reconstruction professional examines your home (or business), they’ll let you know if they detect any serious structural degradation that must be addressed. You can schedule a consultation with our team anytime at 217-891-1798.

Water Damage Cleanup

Water Damage Restoration

This may sound ironic considering the circumstances, but water damage is actually a frequent problem for homes impacted by a serious fire. When firefighters hose down a fire, it saves your home but simultaneously creates a water hazard. Treating this damage quickly is another essential element to throw into the restoration project, but our team can manage the problem for you.

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  • Smoke Damage Restoration Extracting all the smoke particles from your home may be challenging, but our experienced team has just the tools to do it right!
  • Fire Damage Rebuild Contractor Structural damage needs to be addressed quickly so that your home is safe to enter. Talk with our experts about making a reconstruction plan.
A Bedroom in Need of Smoke Damage Restoration

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Don’t let fire damage have the last word on your home! Talk with one of our seasoned professionals at RenuKey Remodeling & Restoration about creating a plan for your home. We’ll work hard to restore your house to the home you know and love! Call 217-891-1798 and ask for your Springfield, IL fire damage restoration consultation.