How Do I Start to Remodel My Bathroom?

A Well Lit Room After a Bathroom Remodel

Beginning Your Exciting Project

One of the most highly regarded improvement projects for homeowners, a bathroom remodel offers refreshing design updates for relatively little cost. Considering the amount of time we spend in the bathroom every week, creating a relaxing environment is it’s own reward. Today, we’ll be talking about planning your beautiful bathroom transformation, choosing your starting projects, and saving in the process.

Let’s dig in!

Is a Bathroom Remodel Worth It?

This is a serious question to contend with as you dig into your future remodeling prospects. Not every investment you make in your home offers a great return, especially if you are looking for a quick turnaround sale.

Will a bathroom remodel increase home value? In most cases, absolutely! While you shouldn’t expect a full recoup of your cost, most of your investment should return to you in a higher home resale value. According to Discover, you can expect an average ROI of 66%. This is especially true for mid-range to low-end projects that provide more aesthetic changes (as opposed to structural).

Predicted Costs

What Will it Cost to Remodel My Bathroom?

Keep in mind, we’re not talking about knocking out walls and expanding your home. Renovation projects run much higher. On average however, you can expect a bathroom remodel to run from $9,500 to $11,000. Angie’s List experts place high-end projects at over double that range, with an estimated $23,000.

“What if I’m planning a bathroom remodel for a small space?” Low-level updates to your bathroom should cost you somewhere around $2,500, unless you live in a more high-end community. These mostly surface level changes typically the greatest ROI however, as minor aesthetic updates can radically alter the perceived value of a home.

Choosing a Contractor

How Do I Choose a Bathroom Contractor?

Credentials, references, experience, and pricing. While it may be tempting to pick the first contractor you come across, it pays to receive estimates from multiple professionals. The best contractors are quick to confirm their estimates in writing, while shady ones may offer little to no guarantee of their pricing.

You’ll also want a professional with the credentials necessary to pull a permit. Are permits required for a bathroom remodel? In many cases, yes. That’s especially true if you have to make structural changes to the plumbing, electrical system, or walls.

Of course, you should research each potential contractor online to see what other homeowners and developers have to say about them. The most trustworthy experts typically post their reviews in a place that anyone can see. You’ll want that sort of accountability established before you move forward.

Planning Your Remodel

First off, you need to start by counting the cost for your project, and we’re not just how much money you’re willing to spend. You never know precisely how long bathroom remodel projects may last, especially those that will require multiple stages of inspection. Materials take time to source, and each stage depends upon timely execution of the previous ones.

In other words, delays are most likely going to happen. A skilled bathroom remodeling professional will plan for these delays (or bottlenecks) and work to plan accordingly. Of course, they’ll also want to establish a reasonable budget limit for the project.

The DIY Approach

Can I DIY Bathroom Remodel?

Many aspects of the bathroom remodeling process are perfect for DIY projects. With enough patience and planning, you can perform your own tiling (or vinyl flooring installation). If you want to swap out your existing plumbing fixtures without making any changes to your plumbing positioning, go for it! Finally, you can also perform your own demolition work, as long as you take your time and avoid destroying your piping and electrical systems in the process.

Our course, you should keep in mind that almost all DIY projects will take a significantly longer time to complete. Budget that additional into your planning, because you’ll want to avoid gutting the bathroom days before guests are due to visit. No matter what work you plan on performing yourself, just leave all utility and structural changes to the experts! These professionals know local building regulations and can have the work completed safely.

Saving Possibilities

Where to Save on Bathroom Remodel

Premium materials may look fantastic, but it may take a while for them to pay themselves off. Many homeowners make the mistake of diving into a premium quartz or granite countertop installation without considering other options (or where they’re sourcing it from). If you really want to stick to a low-budget bathroom remodel look for these areas for lucrative savings.

Saving on a Bathroom Remodel

  • Plumbing – Swap out the toilet seat with a fresher-looking design.
  • Material Sourcing – Shop resale and antique stores instead of buying from upscale brands.
  • Backsplash – Try using an alternative to tile, such as reclaimed wood.
  • Countertops – Find a resale or overstock company that offers leftover or lightly-tainted granite.
A Bathroom Remodel With a Frameless Shower

Want to Consult With a Remodeling Expert?

Our local professionals at RenuKey Remodeling & Restoration offer invaluable insights into planning your exciting bathroom update. Whether you’re considering a low-budget start or a high-dollar transformation, it pays to have an experienced remodeling expert on your side! To share your Springfield, IL bathroom remodel ideas, call us at 217-891-1798 today.